Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prayer & Thanksgiving

Recently I have been going through the book of Colossians with my small group at church. I've truly enjoyed hearing the man perspectives and lessons each of the women have extracted from their own reading. Learning with them and from them has been a blessing. The Bible is not just a book about people from the past. It is God's truth, living and active today in our lives. It is another way The Lord reveals himself to us.

Colossians 1:1-29
Thanksgiving and Prayer
The way Paul writes to/about the people of Colosse is encouraging and loving. I want to live in such a way that someone would think of me so highly!
 - Paul thanks The Lord for these people because he has heard of their faith and of their love for one
   another Christians.
- Paul knows that their faith and love come from the hope that is stored in Heaven.
- Since the day Paul first heard about them, he has not stopped praying for them! This is such
  dedication and love!

I want to live my life for Christ in such a way that my actions will express my love for God! ...But then.. I have to check my heart. Do I want others to recognize my love for Jesus in order to bring glory to God, or is it because I want others to perceive me as "good" ... the answer isn't pretty.

I would love to tell you that my motive was always pure and all I wanted was to glorify The Lord.. But it's not 100% true. I'm embarrassed to admit that but I've learned it's always best to be honest with myself and God. The sooner I am, the sooner I can be praying about it and asking God for help in these areas. Of course that does require me to be willing to ask for help..which is another thing I am learning to be better at. Also, God is the ONLY one that can change this messy, selfish heart of mine so I might as well skip all the failed and frustrating attempts to do it on my own and instead go straight to the source. I want my intentions to be pure and to be focused on Jesus, so this has been my prayer this week.

Finished my Colossians study and am enjoying one of the most delcious cups my Chai I've ever had! Portolla people..its so dang good. I'm also rather proud of my latest doodle.

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